11" HUMAN MODEL, MALE 10.7" (26 cm), plastic human (male) modelShows 360 points (the points are numbered sequentially from 1 to 360) and 14 meridian linesSelf supporting, the base is part of the model itself Includes point location bookletPortable
20" HUMAN ACUPUNCTURE MODEL 20" (50 cm) human (male) modelShows 14 meridians and 360 acupuncture pointsMounted on a standHalf of the model shows points in English (ie, Lu 1 to Lu 11, Cv 1 to Cv 24, etc.), the other half shows points in Chinese...
LARGE ACUPUNCTURE EAR MODEL Made of soft, flesh tone plastic with points numbered from 1 - 41Chinese and English CodeLarge (9" with Base)
POINTER-PLUS, ACU-POINT OR TRIGGER POINT STIMULATOR/LOCATOR Pointer-PlusAllows acu-point or trigger-point location and stimulationLocation and stimulation are independently adjusted10 Hz fixed pulse frequency260 ?s pulse width0 - 25 volts; 0 - 50...
STAINLESS-STEEL OPEN TRAY, LARGE (10" X 8" X 1 1/4") Curved corners and open beads for easy cleaningUseful for needles and other instruments Large (10" x 8" x 1 ¼")
TRIGGER POINT CHART SET, LAMINATED Set of two charts (Trigger Points: Torso and Trigger Points: Extremities)Clearly labels specific muscles that are affected by trigger pointsColorfully illustrated exact trigger point locations, primary and secondary...