3 Tips For A Terrific 2018

3 Tips For A Terrific 2018

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 5th Jan 2018

Don't you just love the beginning of a new year? I know I do it is a fresh beginning, a clean slate, a calendar full of unexplored possibilities and adventures. However it also contains the dreaded resolutions that friends are either charged up about or complaining about because they have fallen of the wagon already. Planning is sexy and fun but carrying out those plans is usually not as glamorous. So what can be done to keep the momentum going and carried thru to your team members and right down to your newest patient? Well here are 3 ideas to get you on your way to an awesome 2018.

1. Communication

Do your office team members and patients know you want to adjust each person in your community to better health or do they think you are just hanging on until you can retire from practice? Take 30 minutes this week and write down why you come into your office each day and then sit down with your team members and let them know. Wait don't stop there now pick one patient each day and tell them why you enjoy helping them and of course ask them if they have a neighbor or friend that they can refer to you to also get the same great care they receive from you. Dreams and visions are contagious so communicate your dreams and visions with those around you.

2. Clear the Clutter

No I'm not your office manager or your mom but you know as well as I do that clearing the clutter on your desk, phone, computer and break room is a freeing experience. Various studies suggest that a clear work place leads to increased trust, improved productivity and it can boost your creativity. So what are you waiting for grab your team and get the clutter out of your practice. When you dig out the chiropractic equipment you no longer use give us a call or text us pictures at 704-622-4089 or email us pictures so we can see if we need to buy it from you for our inventory.

3. Take Time to Listen

This one is my favorite and that is saying a lot because those who know me know I am a firm believer that you can't over communicate and I like to declutter A LOT. This point however will probably have the most impact on you as a person. In the rush of our everyday life we tend to spew information that is not asked for or needed. Instead grab your calendar and mindfully schedule 5 minutes everyday to listen to someone around you. It doesn't need to be the same person everyday it could be your child, spouse, team member, patient, the person at the gas station or your mail person. Over the course of 2018 these five minutes a day will change your life by opening your eyes to those around you, by rejoicing with them as well as hurting with your friends, family and community. If you want to go totally crazy grab a notebook and write down the person you spoke to that day and make a note about what you learned about them or about yourself that day.

As Always Your Best Is Yet To Come,