3 Tips To Do Everyday To Extend The Life Of Your Chiropractic Table

3 Tips To Do Everyday To Extend The Life Of Your Chiropractic Table

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris Chiropracticconsignment.com On 24th Jan 2019

Here are 3 easy breezy things you can do to help your table live a longer and happier life and they are super easy!

1.  Unplug It

If you have a table that is plugged into an electrical outlet you need to unplug it every night, EVEN if it is plugged into a surge protector!  Why do you need to unplug it even if it is in the surge protector?  Well the surge protector is great for a surge but it is not a line conditioner.  Your surge protector was great for back in the days of DOS computer systems but times have changed and current electronic boards like a consistent electrical current that doesn't surge or drop.  If you want to protect your electrical equipment we recommend this line conditioner.  

2.  Release Tension

Let me guess your shoulders just dropped as you read step 2.  I wasn't talking about you though I was talking about the tension on your table drops.  Just like us the tension rods should be relaxed each night so they can get a little rest and relaxation too.

3.  Clean It

This one shouldn't even need to be on the list but it is because it seems always fall thru the cracks.  Cleaning your table from surface dust, hair and dirt is super easy and hey maybe you will find an extra quarter in the cushions.  We recommend using the Hill Laboratories Leather and Vinyl Cleaner.

So there you have it 3 simple and easy steps that will help your table stay happy, healthy and live longer.