Do I Need A Roller Table In My Chiropractic Practice?

Do I Need A Roller Table In My Chiropractic Practice?

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 25th Jul 2019

IST Table, Intersegmental Traction Table, Roller Table, Rolly Bed, Massager Table, and my favorite Therapizer Rollomatic Bed.  These are just a few of the names we have doctor's and patient's use for an IST Table.

Now to be fair you don't NEED a Roller Table in your office for you patients to heal but I will say it is a big drawing card for many patients. When we meet people outside of work events and we tell them that we get to serve the best chiropractors in the world with their equipment needs the first thing out of their mouth is "Do you guys sell those massaging therapy table?  My chiropractor has one and I love it, it's the only reason I go some weeks."  First of all we need to address in another blog about why getting adjusted has more to do with health than just about how we feel,  bot for the sake of this post what stands out to me is the fact that it is such a drawing card for the patients.

I understand that a Roller Table is not a huge reimbursement item from the insurance company but what is any more?  What we do understand is that patients like Roller Tables and they like the way they feel when they leave after being on them.  So why not invest in one to motivate your patients to stay compliant with their course of treatment.

So if your next question is how much is a new Roller Table these days the answer is between 1250.00 and 3100.00 plus shipping.

The base model is the Thomas Heritage 10 Roller Table for 1250.00.  This is a table that is great for a smaller budget but it does not offer the roller height to be adjusted.

The most expensive model is the Lloyd Cosmic IV for 3150.00

Our two most popular tables are the Armedica Quantum 400 IST Table for 2499.00 which comes with a patient control switch or the MT Tables Legacy 500 IST Table for 1950.00.  If you are seeing 60 patients a week go on the roller table and get a reimbursement of 8.00 per patient a 1950.00 table is paid off in the first month if use.  So even thought reimbursement isn't big money it can still be beneficial to the bottom line. 

We look forward to helping you pick out the best Roller Table for your patients and your budget.