Vacation Is Around The Corner Are You And Your Equipment Vacation Ready?

Vacation Is Around The Corner Are You And Your Equipment Vacation Ready?

Posted by Karen Sweigart-Harris On 30th May 2019

Vacations are great aren't they.  I mean time away with your family, change of scenery, relaxation, stress free life, it's all so good.  What is not so good is coming back from vacation walking into your office on Monday morning seeing a stack of messages from patients, realizing your voice mail is overflowing and then wondering why there is a sheet of paper on your adjusting table saying BROKEN?

While we can't guide you in this blog about avoiding the messages on your desk or the overflowing voice mailbox what we can do here is give you some advice on how to avoid coming back to broken equipment.  

Tip 1

Spend time with your covering doctor before you leave making sure they are familiar with how to operate your table properly.  This does not mean asking them if they know how to use it, ask them to show you how they use it and the features on the table.  Nobody likes admitting that they don't know how to use something so going the extra step and having them show you how they would use it and prove that they understand the features is going to save you money and repairs in the long run.  

Tip 2

Leave a "Before You Leave For The Day" list for your coverage doctor or your office staff so that the table is properly backed off tension and unplugged before they leave for the day and for the weekend.  If you need these tips go to our blog  3 Table Tips To Do Everyday which outlines these closing tips.

Tip 3

Make sure the coverage doctor as well as your office staff have our number 704-622-4089 next to the phone.  Why do they need our number? Well in case there is an issue that arises with your equipment while you are gone they can call us and we can hopefully walk them thru a few steps to correct the issue before it becomes a problem.  Besides you are on vacation and you don't want to get a call while sitting by the pool so have them call us so we can help them and you can get your well deserved relaxing vacation.

Tip 4

Please have a fruity drink by the pool for us. If you take a vacation picture and tag us on social media commenting about this blog we will get a small surprise gift mailed to your office so you have a nice surprise waiting for you when you get back from vacation too.