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MT Tables - BIO 200 Chiropractic Table

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BIO 200 Chiropractic Table




When it comes to shopping for chiropractic tables, a consumer needs choices. But for years, Omni Tables has been the only choice for a heavy duty chiropractic table with biophysics capabilities. Not anymore. MT Tables has entered the market with a strong contender at a cheaper price.

MT Tables gives customers a choice with their BIO-100 stationary and BIO-200 elevation tables. These tables are built just like the Omni chiropractic tables with a couple of small upgrades. MT Tables didn’t change much because one doesn’t fix what isn’t broken.

The BIO chiropractic tables use the same heavy duty steel frame as the Omni chiropractic tables. They also have the same drops and the BIO 200 uses the same heavy duty three stage elevation motor as the Omni elevation table. The BIO chiropractic tables come with the same one year parts warranty and lifetime frame warranty as the Omni chiropractic tables.

Two small upgrades make the BIO chiropractic tables stand out. The foot kickers are height adjustable on the BIO chiropractic tables. The foot kickers are a fixed height on the Omni chiropractic tables. The BIO tables also use stainless steel rods instead of standard cold rolled steel like the Omni chiropractic tables. This may seem small, but if one has moisture in their office, the stainless steel will not rust like the standard steel.


BIO Chiropractic Table Standard Features: 

  • Tilt & Elevating Cervical with Rotation and Lateral Translation
  • Forward & Toggle Cervical
  • Dorsal, Lumbar and Pelvic Drops
  • Elevating Chest & Pelvic
  • Ankle raises and slides
  • Height – ELEVATION (20' to 32") >STATIONARY (19”, 21”, 23” or 25”)
  • Dual Foot Drop Pedals
  • Lateral Bending Cervical
  • Lateral Translation Cervical
  • Adjustable Foot Kickers
  • Stainless Steel Rod


If you are looking for a table that will last a lifetime, the BIO-200 elevation table is a good choice. The elevation feature will save your back and the foot kickers will make cocking the drops easier.

One Year Parts Warranty

MT Tables - BIO 200 Chiropractic Table Reviews

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Best Decision I Ever Made

Posted by L. Bliss on 25th Jul 2013

I was looking at an Omni because their name has been around for a while. But I ended up choosing the Bio 200 table which cost a lot less money. I was skeptical to say the least. After receiving my table, I couldn't be happier. It is built just like an Omni. Same drops, same style cushions (I will say that the Omni cushions look a little better), same great headpiece with all the options. I will be buying another soon. Thank you for helping me save money while still giving me what I wanted.

Great table

Posted by W Sims on 6th Feb 2013

I owned an Omni in the past. When looking for a new table, I decided to try the Bio 200 from MT Tables. It was a great choice. It is built just like my Omni table only it has a few improvements. I really like the adjustable length foot cockers. I can't speak of the longevity as I have only owned this table a few months. But I plan to retire with this table. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good quality table that is built like a tank.