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Omni Elevation Chiropractic Table

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The Ultimate in Versatility: Omni Chiropractic Tables



A medical professional is no better than the tools they work with, which means the best chiropractors practicing today need to have the best tables available to help relieve the pain their clients are dealing with. Most importantly, no chiropractor should ever have to put their own health at risk in the quest to provide their clients with relief.


That's why Omni Chiropractic tables are a top choice among professionals across the country. Omni elevation tables are available in a variety of models and with numerous custom upholstery options to help you make your table your own. Omni tables are available in 35 different colors with starting heights of 20" or 18".


But there is so much more to an Omni elevation table than color combinations and starting height. What sets an Omni Chiropractic table apart from the competition is the versatility of the table and the ease of use for medical professionals. With a built-in foot pedal there is no more need to bend over and risk your back, when the foot pedal allows you to make all the drop alterations you need to properly serve your clientele.


Omni tables come with all of the following features to assist you in alleviating the pain of your clients:

- Dorsal, Lumbar, and Pelvic drop

- Tilt and Elevating Cervical

- Translating Cervical

- Lateral Bending Cervical

- Elevating Chest, Pelvic, and Foot sections

- Extra-firm rebond foam padding

- Dual foot-drop pedals


There are a variety of Omni elevation tables available, each with different capabilities to suit the needs of each different chiropractic practice. This means there is an Omni Chiropractic table that is the right fit for your office, your clients, and your budget. Whether you choose a top model or not, you'll get a solidly built Omni table with foot pedal controls to easily adjust the table during treatment sessions for each and every client.


Save your back and serve your clients better with the purchase of an Omni Chiropractic table today and forever alter the service in your chiropractic clinic.

One Year Parts Warranty - Lifetime Frame Warranty

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