10x12 Fuji X-Ray film 100 sheets per box.  Please specify Green or Blue when ordering.
Fuji Super HR-U Medium Speed Green Film box contains 100 sheets
X-Ray Sleeves
ABS AUTOMATIC DEVELOPER PRE-MIXED 1 GAL   Premixed, one-gallon bottleColor-coding system helps eliminate possible cross-contaminationSpecial formulation completely eliminates chemical odors and provides a fresh, pleasant floral fragranceResists...
ABS AUTOMATIC FIXER PRE-MIXED 1 GAL   Premixed, one-gallon bottleSix-month shelf lifeea 
GONSTEAD SPINOGRAPH PARALLEL RULER, PLASTIC WITH STEEL ROLLER   Transfers any baseline on an x-ray film to another location on the same film in exact parallel alignmentLeading and end edges are ruled in millimeters and centimetersFeatures two-way...
X-RAY CALIPER, 20" LONG   ¼" aluminum with a nylon sideMeasurements in inches and centimetersSlides smoothly, yet stays firmly in place when set20" (50 cm) long