Does Magnacare cover acupuncture?

Magnacare has plans that do and do not cover acupuncture treatment. You can call your Insurance Company to find out whether your plan has this benefit. The patient may be responsible for a co-pay or coinsurance.

What type of insurance is MagnaCare?

MagnaCare is a health plan management company with members on the east coast, primarily New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The company works to provide a variety of services and products to meet the unique needs of clients, with more than 225 in-network hospitals and 130,000 physicians in the states listed above.

What is MagnaCare Direct Plus?

The program enables self-insured employers to capture the most competitive discounts through strong regional networks, as opposed to costly out-of-network charges, while providing members with a 24/7, one-stop point of entry on the MagnaCare website for provider look-up and searches outside of New York and New Jersey.

What is MagnaCare timely filing limit?

If a proper submission is made, MagnaCare will reach a decision on a post-service claim in 60 days, and 15 days for a pre-service claim. There are situations when additional documents are required to reach a decision. If requests for these documents are not satisfied, the reconsideration will be denied.

Who owns MagnaCare?

For 30 years, MagnaCare, a division of Brighton Health Plan Solutions, has helped organizations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut take control of their healthcare costs and give their members access to high value care.

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What is MagnaCare PPO?

As a local PPO network and health plan provider, we offer the personal touch. We’ll design a health plan and provider network customized to your exact needs, with all the benefits of self-funding, including lower cost. … And we can coordinate your ancillary benefits such as dental, vision, and pharmacy.