Which is the best homeopathy or physiotherapy?

Bachelor in physiotherapy is much better than homeopathy as physiotherapy deals with the modern medical science and it uses electro therapy and exercise therapy to treat diseases and also has very much demand in today’s world where as BHMS is a Course in which you will be taught approximately same as Mbbs and little …

What is the salary of BHMS doctor in India?

After post-graduation and practising Ayurvedic medicine, you can expect much better salaries. You can expect a package of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 per month after completing the BHMS course.

Is homeopathy a good career option?

Homeopathy as a career option is best-suited for aspirants who would like to practice the system’s gentle approach to healing. The system requires its practitioners to establish a different kind of relationship with the patient than that of the conventional allopathic system practitioners.

Is Bhms good for future?

With some experience, one can get the handsome salary like Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 50, 000 per month. There is no limit of salary if you have become popular as a good doctor in the society.

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Is there any scope for homeopathy?

It is a myth in Indian education corridors, that homeopathy does not fetch one with a good career. The fact is that there are immense job opportunities in this field both in India and abroad. A trained homoeopathic practitioner can get employment as Medical Officer/Doctor at various and Private Homoeopathic Hospitals.

Who earns more BDS or BHMS?

conclusion: Therefore, in the field of BHMS, there is a large scope and average salary package also more compared to BDS and also BHMS, due to medication system, no side effects will be there and also one can establish own clinic for self practice. hope this helps to you, thank you.

Is Bhms equal to MBBS?

As a degree B H M S and M B B S are equal . Both can work as RMP -Registered Medical Practitioner in their respective field of medicine . Both can apply for any job for which degree is minimum qualification . … Although there are different medical practices, but both provide graduation qualifications.

What is the salary of homeopathy doctor?

In government sector the salary of a homeopathic doctor is Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 35,000 per month while in the private sector the salary starts from the Rs. 20,000 per month.

Can a homeopathic doctor do surgery?

Answer. The candidate having the BHMS(Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) degree is eligible to be called as a doctor and eligible to do the private practice. A homeopathic practitioner may look the career as a medical representative or as a doctor in private or government hospital.

Is homeopathy allowed in USA?

Licensing. Laws regulating the practice of homeopathy in the United States vary from state to state. Usually, individuals licensed to practice medicine or another health care profession can legally practice homeopathy. In some states, nonlicensed professionals may practice homeopathy.

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Can I practice allopathy after BHMS?

NEW DELHI: A homoeopathic doctor is not qualified to prescribe allopathic medicines and will be liable for medical negligence and will have to pay compensation if a patient suffers from medical complications, the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has ruled.

Do Ayurvedic doctors perform surgery?

The Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM), India’s principal regulatory body for Ayurveda education, recently released a notification that allows postgraduate Ayurveda practitioners to perform 58 types of surgeries.

Do homeopathic doctors use stethoscope?

“We use it to check BP and the heart beat. It’s for immediate diagnosis. For instance, if a patient has wheezing, I can detect it with a stethoscope before taking up the next course of treatment,” said Dr Rekha Bhat, homeopathy physician at Sahaya, a unit of Soukya international holistic centre.

At this time, Ontario is the only province that regulates homeopaths. Homeopathy is based on the principle of “The Law of Similars” (also known as “like cures like”) meaning that a disease and its symptoms can be cured by a product known to produce similar symptoms.

What countries use homeopathy?

The worldwide growth of homeopathy

It exists in almost every country in the world, and the demand for services in this area is on the rise. Examples of countries that recognise this complementary medicine are India, China, Mexico, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Great Britain.

How long does it take to become a homeopathic doctor?

All naturopathic medical schools accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) and recognized by the US Department of Education, require four years of post-graduate in person education at their respective school.

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